Modifications To Your Diesel Vehicle That Boost Performance

If you aren't happy with how powerful your diesel engine is, you may want to increase the power of your engine with a few upgrades. There are a few changes to your diesel engine that will not only improve your engine's torque, but will also improve your vehicle in several other ways. Install A Cold Air Intake System Lowering the temperature of the air that travels into the engine improves performance. [Read More]

Tips For The Proper Disposal Of Household Hazardous Waste

When it comes to dealing with your household waste, it is crucial that some items are disposed of properly. Not everything can go into the recycling bin or into the trash can. There are some special precautions to take with specific items to ensure they are disposed of safely. Electronics And Computers One major source of environmental damage is electronic equipment being disposed of improperly. Electronics and computers contain dangerous metals that are very harmful, such as lead and mercury. [Read More]

Just Moved Into A House That Uses Propane? Here Are Some Things To Keep In Mind

If you have just bought a house that has a propane tank attached to the exterior, you are probably aware that propane gas is used to heat water or the entire house. However, if you are unfamiliar with propane, you need to know some things in order to make sure that you use propane safely and that you are able to get the heat or hot water your family needs. Here are some things to keep in mind. [Read More]

Finding Scrap Metal And Other Materials In Computers

Whether you're junking an old computer or getting rid of a newer system, there's a wealth of materials inside that could bring a decent pay rate at a recycling center or from hobbyists looking for certain components. Before throwing out the entire system, take a look at a few areas that are relatively easy to access in a computer already destined for the scrap heap. Aluminum Sources In Ample Supply [Read More]