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Just Moved Into A House That Uses Propane? Here Are Some Things To Keep In Mind

If you have just bought a house that has a propane tank attached to the exterior, you are probably aware that propane gas is used to heat water or the entire house. However, if you are unfamiliar with propane, you need to know some things in order to make sure that you use propane safely and that you are able to get the heat or hot water your family needs. Here are some things to keep in mind.

You Need to Know about Propane Leaks

Your lack of familiarity with propane may mean that you have never smelled propane before, and therefore won't be able to tell if there is a leak in your house. You might think that propane has no smell, and that is true. However, the gas is treated with chemicals to give it an odor that is similar to rotten eggs. That pungent odor is usually the first sign that the tank is leaking.

If there is a leak, people in your house might report feelings of nausea or dizziness. If someone starts to have these problems, leave the house right away and contact your propane supplier. To avoid a problem, you can buy a gas alarm detector so that you can find out about a leak right away.

You Should Always Have Some Propane in the Tank

If you are going away for a while or don't remember to schedule a delivery, you might not think it is a problem if you allow the tank to be empty for a while. However, If you allow the propane tank to empty out, rust might start to build up in the empty tank. If this happens, there may be some propane odor loss which could prevent you and your family from smelling a leak. 

You Can Change Propane Gas Suppliers

If your propane tank is like most, the name and number of a propane gas supplier is located on the outside of the tank. In many cases, the propane tank is rented from the company that delivers the propane to the house. However, you do not need to keep that supplier, even if the tank belongs to them. Compare different suppliers in the area to get an idea of whether you can find lower rates, whether you can get partial re-fills or whether you can schedule deliveries more often.

If you do end up changing propane gas companies, the new company will unhook your old tank, set it aside in your yard, and attach their own tank. Just be aware that your current propane supplier may charge you a fee to take their tank away.

With the information in this article, you are now more aware of all the issues that need to be considered when you use propane in your house. Be sure to talk with propane gas suppliers in the neighborhood, like Mrohs Gas Inc, to get more information.