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Tips For The Proper Disposal Of Household Hazardous Waste

When it comes to dealing with your household waste, it is crucial that some items are disposed of properly. Not everything can go into the recycling bin or into the trash can. There are some special precautions to take with specific items to ensure they are disposed of safely.

Electronics And Computers

One major source of environmental damage is electronic equipment being disposed of improperly. Electronics and computers contain dangerous metals that are very harmful, such as lead and mercury. There are specific recycling centers in many towns that provide specialized recycling for electronics. If there is not a permanent electronics recycling center, your town may hold special electronic recycling drop-off events that you can take advantage of. You can check with your local city government or waste management company to find out where the nearest electronic recycling center is to you.

Used Motor Oil

When you change the oil in your car, you may be tempted to pour out the used oil into a nearby ditch or on the ground. This is a major problem due to the dirt and toxins that are present in old motor oil. The good news is that used motor oil is easily recyclable. Once you put the new oil into your car, use an oil funnel to put the old oil into the empty motor oil bottles and drop it off at your nearest automotive garage. They will ensure it is either disposed of or sent back to the manufacturer to be cleaned and blend it with new oil.


How many times have you looked in your garage at the wall of used paint cans lining the shelves? If you are ready to purge your old paint collection, do not be tempted to throw the paint into the trash can. Paint contains chemicals that can be very damaging to the environment. If the paint is latex or acrylic, you can allow them to dry into a solid and throw them away so that there is no risk of it leeching into the ground. Oil based paints will need to be disposed of through your local hazardous waste collection in your community. Many municipalities have events in which residents can bring all of their household chemicals and paint to be disposed of properly. Alternatively, you can always check with your local community theater or other groups to see if they would like to have your old paint to use in their projects.

Keeping the environment safe should be a priority for everyone. By taking the time to check with your community, you will be able to easily throw out your hazardous household waste without worrying about its effect on the planet.