3 Shades of Green: How Switching to Propane Equipment Grows a Landscaping Business

More landscaping companies are switching from gasoline-fueled to propane-fueled equipment, including mowers, graders, and fleet vehicles. That's because they know that propane mowers will green up their companies in 3 significant ways. Here's what switching to propane will do for you: Put more green in your pocket Propane engines typically last twice as long as conventional gas engines, which means you'll get many more hours out of your investment. Maintenance costs are lower, too, due to less use of oil and labor to monitor and service gasoline-powered engines.

How To Speed Up Your Recycling

Recycling is a great way to contribute to a greener Planet Earth. Even small scale efforts, like recycling plastic bottles, glass and aluminum cans are helpful. Of course, you can also make a little bit of spending cash by recycling the bottles and cans from your own home. There are many recycling centers in strip malls and attached to grocery stores. These facilities specialize in plastic and aluminum. These are far more convenient than industrial recycling centers that handle commercial loads of a wider range of recyclables.

Avoiding Excessive Septic Repair With Routine Maintenance Steps

Caring for your septic system is one activity you will want to take seriously when you own your own house. Failing to do routine maintenance can lead to unfortunate downtime, possible damage to your system, and excessive repair. Here are some simple tasks you can do to keep your septic system running as it should year-round. Clean Out To Avoid Backups It is a good idea to call a septic service every few years to have your septic tank pumped of solid waste.