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3 Shades of Green: How Switching to Propane Equipment Grows a Landscaping Business

More landscaping companies are switching from gasoline-fueled to propane-fueled equipment, including mowers, graders, and fleet vehicles. That's because they know that propane mowers will green up their companies in 3 significant ways.

Here's what switching to propane will do for you:

Put more green in your pocket

Propane engines typically last twice as long as conventional gas engines, which means you'll get many more hours out of your investment. Maintenance costs are lower, too, due to less use of oil and labor to monitor and service gasoline-powered engines. Using propane can lower fuel costs by up to 40%, which allows you to invest in more equipment to grow your business

There is additional incentive to make a propane-powered mower your next landscaping purchase since there are rebate programs offered by manufacturers, public agencies, propane industry associations, and state propane councils.

For example, in Texas, if your landscaping business switches to a new, factory-built propane mower or you convert your existing mower to operate off propane, you may qualify for partial compensation for your purchase. Several other states offer propane incentives specifically for landscaping, as well.

Establish your green business operations

Cities in Europe have been using propane landscaping tools for some time because of their cleaner emissions and quieter operation, and now the United States is catching up. Townships and municipalities are changing over to propane- or dual-fuel mowers, generators, forklifts, and fleet vehicles.

Other cities and homeowners associations have strict ordinances concerning noise and emissions from private contractors within their city or subdivision boundaries, but you can be sure propane-powered mowers and trucks meet or exceed their regulations. This helps you expand your landscape services to accommodate pickier markets with more high-end clients.

Even if you run your business in an area with relatively lax codes for landscaping companies, when you switch to propane equipment, you green up the world for future generations, which benefits everybody.

Get that important green cred on your resume

When word gets around that you run a quieter, more earth-friendly landscaping service, you'll see an increase in business. Many people are frustrated with the constant noise in their daily lives and will gladly choose your propane mower over the noisy gasoline-powered mowers of your competitors.

Other customers want to be sustainable in every aspect of their lives and will feel good about using your greener services. Sensitive customers may worry about the smells or residue from conventional gasoline mowers.

Attract these niche clients by featuring the facts about your propane tools. Highlight the quieter and greener operation of your mowers and other equipment on your website and in your commercials and other promotional materials.

Offer incentives of your own—including introductory packages and discounts—to grow your business and share your green landscaping practices with more property owners and managers.

Contact a company like Northwest Propane LLC to learn more about your propane options.