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Avoiding Excessive Septic Repair With Routine Maintenance Steps

Caring for your septic system is one activity you will want to take seriously when you own your own house. Failing to do routine maintenance can lead to unfortunate downtime, possible damage to your system, and excessive repair. Here are some simple tasks you can do to keep your septic system running as it should year-round.

Clean Out To Avoid Backups

It is a good idea to call a septic service every few years to have your septic tank pumped of solid waste. Most people will wait until a septic alarm goes off or if an odor is smelled outside due to a backup condition. It is best to call for service before this happens, as it usually means the pump has gone down or there is a clog in the piping that needs attention.

When you call a septic service to clean your tank, ask them for a recommendation as to how often you should have it serviced. They will take the size of the tank, number of people in the home, and your household water usage habits into consideration when giving you an estimate for pumping service. After the service pumps the tank clean, they will inspect the tank for any areas in need of repair. 

Practice Conservative Water Use Habits

Any time you use your water in your home, it will end up in your septic tank to be pumped to your leach field area. The less water you use, the less work your septic pump will need to do to remove it from the tank. Conserving your water will save you in electricity costs as well as wear and tear on your septic system. Make it a habit to turn off the faucet when you are not needing water to run, such as when you are brushing your teeth or in between scrubbing down dishes during washing time. Repair any leaky toilets or faucets to keep water use down as well.

Avoid Contaminating Septic Waters

It is best to refrain from putting anything unnatural down your drains. This would include grease, chemicals, or non-biodegradable products. When something other than human waste or toilet tissue is flushed or poured down a drain, it can alter the consistency of the matter inside your septic tank. This will make the septic pump need to work harder at pushing the material through the piping to your leach field. It could also cause a back up of the entire system if it is too dense to be pushed through piping. Contact a septic tank repair company like Mr Bob for more information or assistance.