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Important Reasons Business Owners Should Have an Asbestos Inspection Performed

Are you thinking about moving your business to a new location? Have you picked out a historic building to purchase and you're wondering what your next steps should be? Unfortunately, an older building may have asbestos used in at least part of its construction. Before you sign any paperwork, here are some reasons why you should consider having an asbestos inspection done, in addition to a regular building inspection.

Professionals can eradicate hidden asbestos: Previous occupants of the building may have gotten rid of the most obvious source of asbestos, insulation, but may have overlooked other materials where asbestos might have been used. For example, if the building has ceiling tiles in use, they may contain asbestos. But with many construction materials, it can be impossible to tell positively whether or not asbestos was used unless specific tests are performed. If they do contain asbestos and you decide to have even minor renovations done at some point, you could be putting both you and your employees at risk if the proper procedures aren't followed. An asbestos inspection will confirm whether or not there is anything to worry about and can recommend steps you need to take in order to prevent or limit exposure.

It's not covered by standard inspection: You may be reluctant to pay for an additional inspection, thinking that a regular building inspection will notify you if there is any problem. But because there are so many different places that asbestos could be hiding and because the materials may need special testing to discover whether or not it actually contains asbestos, you may not be notified unless the building contains asbestos insulation. An asbestos inspector is specifically trained to look for possible sources of asbestos, whereas a regular building inspector may only be looking to make sure that the building is structurally sound and electrically up to code. 

Asbestos is still in use: If the building was renovated in the past decade or two, you may be under the impression that you have nothing to worry about. However, asbestos is actually still used in many building products even today. Several thousand products, including a variety of building materials, are still legally allowed to use asbestos in their manufacture. Because of this, it can be difficult for the average person to identify possible sources of exposure. An asbestos inspection will not only look for old sources of asbestos, it will identify new materials that were also made with asbestos fibers. They will also tell you if the level of asbestos in your building is safe enough for use, or when it would become a problem. 

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