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3 Natural Ways To Repel Mice Out Of Your Home

If you have recently discovered that you have a mouse problem in your home, you can take care of the problem in a natural way. Here are four different methods that you can use to repel mice out of your home. 


Mice do not like the smell of peppermint. The smell of peppermint is just too intense for them to deal with. When rodents, such as mice, encounter peppermint, they tend to do everything they can to avoid it. The smell of peppermint is so strong that it also tends to mask other appealing smells that would normally attract rodents to your home.

You can scare off mice using peppermint in a variety of different ways. To start with, you can purchase 100% pure peppermint oil from your local grocery store. You can dab the peppermint on cotton balls, and then place the cotton balls near places where you regularly see the mice. A few examples are near your doorways, heat vents, and any holes in your walls. 

You can also use an actual peppermint plant. You can grow and place peppermint plants by your entryways to keep the mice away. 

Cat Litter

Cats are a natural enemy of mice, and mice try to avoid them. If you keep your house clean though, the mice may not even be aware that there are any cats around. 

Scoop up some used kitty litter from your litter tray, and place it inside of small plastic containers. Set these containers up around the entrance of your home and where you spotted the mice. 

The mice should be able to pick up on the smell of cat urine, and leave your home alone as they don't want to encounter one of their biggest natural enemies. 

Dried Snake Waste

Another natural enemy of mice and other rodents are snakes. The right size snack can swallow a mouse whole. 

If you don't have a cat and cat litter to use, dried snake waste is a great alternative. You can purchase dried snake poop from reptile centers or pet stores. If they don't sell it, but have snacks on the premise, ask if some of the waste can be collected from their tanks.

Place the waste inside of plastic containers and place the containers near areas where the mice like to hang out inside of your house. Once again, the smell should scare off the mice, as most mice don't like to face down a snake. 

If you have children or pets in your home, make sure that you keep any cat litter or dried snake waste out of their reach. You don't want them to ingest it. The peppermint oil should not harm your children or pets. Try using the three methods above to scare away the mice that decided to turn your house into their home. If they don't work for you, contact a mice removal company, like Environmental Services Pest Control.