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Common Energy Audit Questions Answered

It is critical for your small business to operate as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, there are many business leaders that overlook their enterprise's electrical bill as a source of inefficiency, but there may be many upgrades or policy changes that you could make to help lower these expenses. To this end, an energy audit with an energy consultant can be an excellent way of improving your company's energy usage, and learning the following couple of questions should help you to better appreciate how these services can help your company.

What Is Involved During An Energy Audit?

While an energy audit may sound like a lengthy and inconvenient process, it can actually be done rather quickly and inconspicuously. During this inspection, the energy consultant will evaluate the way and amount of energy that your business is currently using. This will involve things such as inspecting the lighting, computers and other power intensive devices.

When the auditor discovers an inefficiency or device that could be upgraded, it will be noted, and they will continue the inspection. Also, they will monitor the total power usage of the company during operating hours by taking readings at the power meter. At the conclusion, they will calculate the energy savings that could be realized by their recommendations before escorting you on a tour to discuss the findings.

How Often Should Your Business Undergo This Type Of Audit?

You may assume that your company will only need to undergo an energy audit once, but this is not the case. Ideally, you should have one of these done following a major upgrade or the addition to electricity-intensive equipment.

Also, you should have this type of audit done every few years. Over time, technological advances are improving the efficiency of electrical devices. However, you may be unable or unwilling to keep up with these advances. By having an energy audit done, you have a professional consultant that can help you determine which items should be upgraded to achieve the most efficiency.

It is impossible for you to get the most from your company's electrical bill if you are unsure of how energy is being used. By scheduling for an energy audit, you can help learn about where the greatest sources of waste and inefficiency are with your enterprise and the steps that you can take to correct them. Being armed with this information will help you to keep your energy bills as low as possible without impacting the performance of your company.